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Fishing with confidence

Posted by admin on September 26, 2011

FLW_College_Fishing_2.gifFishing with confidence is a huge part in being successful when tournament fishing. Being confident in what you're doing causes you to stay focused, and fish to your greatest potential.

In the past month I have been focusing on the FLW Central Regional Championship on Lake Kinkaid in Illinois. Fresh off a 2nd Place finish at my BFL Super Regional on Barren River Lake, I'm fishing with a lot of confidence which is causing me to stay more focused than ever. This tournament means a lot to me and could potentially be my ticket to fishing the FLW Tour in the next couple of years with a win. The fishing has been tough but thats just the way I like it. The easiest tournaments to win are the ones that are a grind, and coming from an area where the fishing is tough, I'm use to grinding it out. Only 20 teams have qualified to fish the event so i'm liking my odds here. My confidence is through the roof and couldn't be happier with everything we found in practice. Hoping everything stays the same and looking forward to a great tournament!!!